Just Forward it

About Just Forward it!

ForwardTo is not like other chatbots that you might have know, he doesn't pretend to know it all & he is not useless! with that said, let's talk more about what he does. Mr ForwardTo has one strict mission, let strangers have access to you and send you message (unless you block them) without giving them any of your personal contact (Phone number, Facebook, Email, Adress...)

The WHY?

Might sounds stupid, but have you been in that moment where you crossed by a car left with lights on and you could not help, as you have no idea about who is the owner and how to reach out to him? This is how the the whole product started, i wanted to be accessible if someone crossed by my car but at same time i didn't want to share my personal contact publicly. I love also to tag my bag or any item that i might loose and be accesible from a simple link, and reply to the stranger who found it annonymously. The answer to this problem was a chatbot that do create a cutsom and unique virtual link for you + QR code so that you can use them wherever you want to be accessible annonymously

HOW to?

  • 1- Go to our chatbot in messenger.
  • 2- Claim your unique 🔗 link + QR code.
  • 3- 📌 Print it & use it wherever you need to be accessible annonymously.
  • 4- ✅ We take care of the rest! we will notify you & forward the message as soon as someone writes to you.
  • 5- Once a message received, you can then :
    • ↩ī¸ Reply to
    • 🤷đŸŊ‍♂ī¸ ignore
    • ⛔ mute or block the person
    • 📇 or simply share your personal contact to take this conversation away.